GSoC 2016 – Week 12

This week I worked on improving the notifications framework based on my mentors’s comments. The notifications framework is pretty much done; . This week I’ll try to implement share graph layouts notifications also as a part of this framework.

This week I need submit code and my evaluations so I will review the GPML uploader once again.

It was a great summer 🙂

Thanks @tmmurali@adbharadwaj for all the help 🙂



GSoC 2016 – Week 11

Now we have a working version for share graph events notifications.

The basic layout of the notifications page when the user is logged in.

The page is ‘AJAX ed’ by using the window.location.reload() method, so the user doesn’t need to refresh the page after clicking on Mark as read on the page. We took inspiration from GitHub notifications for GraphSpace notifications. Once the user marks a notification as read it disappears from the notifications page, but a user can look at all the notifications, read and unread, of a group by clicking at the group link in the left column.  More screen shots are uploaded on the notifications framework PR on github. . This week we will work on the review of this PR and get all the documentation and user guide in for GPML uploader as well as Notifications.

Summer flew by really fast 🙂