GSoC 2016 – Week 10

This week we worked on a prototype of the notifications framework. We are working on finalising the API for the framework and also getting it throughly tested. Right now users can get their notifications after logging in at (this is not pushed on the website yet) and mark them as read, but this is not ‘AJAX ed’ right now i.e. users need to refresh the page to fetch the updated notifications again. This should be done in the following week.

The GPML uploader script part is now done 🙂 The verdict is:

Out of 2492 pathways present on WikiPathways, 1258 didn’t pass our GPML uploader. Two reasons:

  • GraphRefs not available for source and target nodes – 1100
  • Shape element type not supported by GraphSpace – 158


NOTE :  [‘mim-degradation’, ‘mim-phosphorylated’, ‘sarcoplasmic reticulum’, ‘mitochondria’, ‘endoplasmic reticulum’, ‘golgi apparatus’, ‘mim-interaction’] are not supported by GraphSpace as they can’t be drawn using cytoscape.js


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