GSoC 2016 – Week 9

This week involved two tasks; first one was to implement some boiler plate code for the notifications framework and the second one was to test the GPML uploader thoroughly.

As discussed with my mentors during my weekly meetings I have started working on the notifications framework . The users of a group will be notified whenever a graph is shared in a group they are a part of. A initial rough design for it:

Moving on the GPML uploader testing part. I got stuck while installing a new instance of GraphSpace, the current procedure as detailed in README is faulty and Ted is working on fixing it right now. He also helped me to get the instance working as it was desperately needed to run the upload script. Thanks Ted 🙂 As we are using SQLite as our database my script is overloading the database and hence it wasn’t able to handle all the requests sent through the script (1999 out of ~2700 were processed). I have now added a time delay to every CURL request. We guess this should work. I’ll upload a detailed analysis of the results once we go through it.

Summer going really fast!! Looking forward to getting a nice version of the notifications framework merged before the end of official coding period 🙂







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