GSoC 2016 – Week 4

Now we have a PR in for review that extends the functionality of GraphSpace with adding support for GPML file format.

Thanks to Ted for an initial review of the PR.

Some issues we are still facing:

  • Curved edges; it is possible to have curved edges using cytoscape JS but they haven’t be used in GraphSpace yet and are not exposed for edges. We need to further look into this.
  • Right now, the starting and ending points of edges are independent nodes (edge end nodes are invisible right now). So if you try to move a node it will move independently without affecting the edge it should have been connected to. We face this issue because the edges in GPML format only have their coordinates position not the source and target nodes. A solution could be look radially outwards from the end points of edges to find the nearest node and bind that edge end point to it.
  • Third issue that we are facing, albeit minor, is the rotation of shapes which is not possible in cytoscape JS :/

Everything else looks good 🙂


Mid terms already here. Summer going really fast. Hoping to get this PR completed by then. 🙂




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